Bridging the gap between the disease and drug with cost effective and result oriented R&D in drug discovery.


CaroCure has the ability to discover new therapeutic agents with its four pillars of success.

  • Multidisciplinary industrial experienced team in drug discouery R&D.
  • Knowledge based innovative approach with high rate.
  • High standards Of quality research.
  • State of art Computational and Machine learning models.


  • CaroCure is a rational drug discovery and development company employing innovative technologies to design and create best-in-class drug candidates.
  • CaroCure's model 'to accelerate the discovery with cost effective and to decreases the attrition of the molecules in discovery'
  • In-house innovated highly predictive machine learning toxicity models for weeding out the toxic compounds and increasing the efficacy using computational methods.


  • The combination of most complicated, time taking and costly drug discovery process with AI is a fascinating idea.
  • Marriage of big data with al was referred to fourth industrial revolution.
  • Novel AI based platform named "AxDrug" for transforming the paradigm of drug discovery.
  • The proposed AxDrug platform is an integrated technology which uses Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Internet of Things for incorporating all the available data and train computers for increasing the speed and accuracy in drug discovery.

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