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Dr. Kranthi Raj K

As an operational management head, Dr. Kranthi is providing strong scientific, operational and strategic leadership to multiple project teams at CaroCure.

Extensive supervisory involvement including interdisciplinary, departmental and project team leadership.

PhD from School of Chemistry, ANU and PDF from Delhi University.

Over 10 years of computational chemistry experience.
Experienced in working across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Skilled in high performance and data intensive computing.

Data driven ideation using machine/deep learning models for accelerating drug discovery R & D.

Extensive familiarity with the drug discovery process, from hit identification to candidate selection.

Handling multiple projects in CaroCure that are successfully moving towards IND.



Mr. Prasanth K

Prashant has a deep penchant for numbers – in terms of business analysis, macro-economic analysis & financial modelling – and a strength for abstraction in strategizing.

He has expanded his strength in numbers to Probability & Statistics to apply data science as an additional tool.

His past experience involves releasing deep entrenched Sectoral and company specific reports cutting across varied sectors like Agro-chemicals, Cement, Steel, Auto, IT, Infrastructure, Real Estate & Optic Fibre.

He has also been involved in designing investment themes for funds and is also currently involved in building up a investment porftolio of a start-up LLP and developing mathematical models for short term trades.

These apart he has also been deeply involved in management consultancy & outcome based process design for healthcare sector.

His expertise with numbers and abstraction capabilities in strategising are helping charter an ambitious growth plan for the future.



Mr. Vamsi Krishna V

Experienced consultant with a history of working in multiple domains of computer software industry.

Has varied experience in data analytics, machine/deep learning applications and visualization.

MTech from VIT University and have research experience at Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France in Robotic design and programing.

Strong experience in delivering end-to-end enterprise products and applications.

Developed SGD/SVM Classifier machine learning  models for proprietary biological assays aimed to predict drug toxicity using python (Scikit learn, pandas, numpy).

Associated with CaroCure as Senior IT consultant to give computational scientific support for smoot functioning of discovery projects.



Mr. Srinivas Rao T

Expert project manager with substantial experience in leading all stages of technological projects. Consistent track record of delivering projects that meet goals.

Having 13+ years of Experience as a Oracle Applications Technical Lead in ERP Project life cycles, primarily focusing on Oracle Application and Database

Lead and participate in project requirements analysis, functional and technical design, system testing, Setups, developing interfaces, data migration, forms and reports customization.

Sound experience in designing and developing RICE (Interfaces, Conversions, Extensions, Reports and workflow) Objects.

Sound knowledge in implementing AOL (Application Object Library) and System Administration.

As part of CaroCure Mr. Srinivas is analyzing purge and archive programs to clean up the processed/ unnecessary data, reducing the unnecessary request submitions and alternate solutions to increase the performance of discovery assignments.



Mr. Pavan Kumar P

Expert in preclinical screening of drugs for Immunomodulatory, Anti Oxidant, Cardio and CNS activities etc., using Experimental Animal models.

Member in Laboratory Animal Scientists Association (LASA), Pharmaceutical Association, Pharmacological Society etc.

Deep knowledge in in vivo pharmacology and will contribute intellectually and practically to preclinical (PK&PD) in-vivo studies

Supporting the existing activities as well as establishing novel in vivo models and capabilities within the in vivo pharmacology department at CaroCure.



Mrs. Sirisha K

Highly experienced legal practitioner and member of bar council.

Lead all legal aspects of assigned transactions, collaborating with other legal colleagues, compliance and procurement and as applicable, including due diligence, risk assessment, counseling, and drafting and negotiating complex and varied legal documents.

Identify and analyze global legal, business and reputational risks to the company and propose appropriate solutions

Serve as senior legal advisor on assigned discovery and development projects coordinating with other global colleagues as needed.

Strong pharmaceutical or biotechnology complex deal experience in the areas of platform based transactions, development product alliances, M&A, in-licenses, options, financing and equity investments, etc. for a variety of therapeutic areas.



Dr. Kilaru Malathy Latha MD-Oncology

Henry Ford Cancer Institute

Dr. Malathy Latha is Hematology & Oncology Physician at Member of the Henry Ford Cancer Institute. She was Hematology & Oncology fellow and Medical Director in Henry Ford Health System. She was a Hospice & Palliative Medicine fellow in University of Michigan Medical School. She is also member of American Board of Internal Medicine – Medical Oncology and

American Board of Internal Medicine – Hematology.



Dr. Rambabu Gundla


GITAM University

Prof. Rambabu Gundla has been working as head, department of chemistry, GITAM University, Hyderabad since 2014. He was a postdoctoral research fellow in the department of pharmacology and pharmaceutical Sciences, school of pharmacy, at the University of Southern California, USA from 2006 – 2008. He obtained a Ph.D. degree from the department of chemistry, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, in 2006. From 2001 to 2006, he worked as a research scientist at GVK Biosciences Private Limited, Hyderabad, India. After completion his postdoctoral research fellow, he again joined as a principal scientist at GVKBIO. His area of interest is small- molecule drug design and development. He has a more than 60 publications and three patents to his credit in the area of medicinal chemistry and computer-aided drug design studies including SAR and QSAR, Scaffold hopping, ADME, pharmacophore generation, molecular dynamics, docking simulations, and virtual library screening. Currently he is working on two SERB-DST sponsored projects and guiding 12 students for Ph.d program.



Dr. Pramod Akula Bala

UCSD School of Medicine

Analyzed bulk RNASeq (Ribozero extraction method) and single cell RNASeq (10X genomics) sequencing data utilizing statistical models and algorithms for the cardiovascular disease vaccine development

Identified macrophage markers based on the high diversity mouse panel (HDMP) microarray data that can be translated to human disease diagnostics

On team that developed software (PRESTO) for the dimensionality reduction analysis of high dimensional omics data

Mined and integrated microarray and RNASeq data from public databases to demonstrate how macrophages sense their environment in physiological and pathological conditions

Determined the factors, based on the T cells transcriptomic profile, that are responsible for the migratory behavior of the immune cells to the inflammation site in autoimmune and/or inflammatory diseases

Performed linear modeling and machine learning approaches on the blood monocyte genomic data for the development of biomarkers in HIV-associated sub clinical CVD patients

Determine multi-disease biomarkers in CVD, DM affected HIV cohorts using machine learning methods

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